1、Shine veneer dryer adopts automatic electric control and frequency conversion system, which can adjust the transmission speed and temperature automatically according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve an ideal drying effect. Equipped with automatic veneer feeder and automatic collection system, which not only improves the drying efficiency but also saves labor cost mostly.

2、We have a professional R&D team that can design different models according to customer’s special requirement. Perfect after-sale service system can supply 24h online service, remote operation is available on request, regular customer visits, sufficient spare parts supply in time.

3、Shine heat exchanger adopts step by step heat transfer, and the specifications of each section of the heat exchanger are different, and the hot air in the heat exchanger can be uniformly emitted to the veneer. The veneer after drying has uniform moisture content, flat, no buckle or end waviness; free of splits and the surface is in good condition for gluing.