It is estimated that in January 2024 Vietnam's exports of wood and wood products will reach US$1.4 billion, up 5% compared to December 2023 and up 75% compared to January 2023. In particular, the export of wood products is estimated at US$924 million, down 3% compared to December 2023 but up 87%
2024/02/29 08:50
First: the type of wood to be dried, whether poplar, pine, eucalyptus, or rubber wood.Second: The thickness and size of the dried veneer, such as 1.7 or 2.2 thickness, four-piece or three-piece, etc.Third: What is the moisture content requirement and output after drying, how much water needs to be
2023/12/19 10:43
Since the veneer dryer is a long and large-scale equipment, the correct order and method should be followed when installing the veneer dryer. The correct installation process is as follows:1. Draw the foundation line: correctly draw the cross lines and elevation lines on the foundation mark plate,
2023/12/13 10:05
This year's World Forestry Conference and World Artificial Panel Industry Expo will be held at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 24th to 26th. We sincerely invite you to attend and visit our exhibition, our booth is Hall D 807-808. At this exhibition, we will
2023/11/21 10:23
Birch veneer is prone to mildew and blue or red spots after drying. Keeping these two points in mind can help you easily solve the mold problem. First, dry it to about 4-5 moisture, which is equivalent to zero moisture. There will be no mildew problem for 2-3 years. Secondly, it is ideal to place
2023/06/01 10:50
African veneer bosses often ask me, why is the veneer that is baked in a dryer so damp? To answer this question, there are two main reasons:1. Water absorption of wood itselfWood has a certain range of moisture content, which is adjusted with changes in ambient temperature and humidity. Even after
2023/05/25 09:38
Q1: How much is the price of the veneer dryer?A: We range from cheap and easy-to-use small flap dryers with built-in heat sources to veneer dryers that save 35% of electricity and have a full set of automation and high-efficiency production capacity. Large factories and small bosses can find
2023/05/08 15:40
Now many people come to inquire about veneer dryers, let the editor help you analyze why choosing veneer dryers is the future trend!1. At present, the government is gradually canceling natural drying to protect cultivated land2. The boards dried naturally are not as flat as the ones dried by the
2023/03/09 10:34
1. Quality difference: Natural drying will lead to quality defects such as warping and cracking2. Time-consuming: natural drying takes time and is greatly affected by the weather3. Space requirements: natural drying requires a lot of space and is not environmentally friendly4. Potential safety
2023/02/09 09:18
The veneer dryer is mainly used for drying veneer and is the main machine for producing plywood. Due to the high moisture content inside the newly rotary-cut veneer, the purpose of the equipment is to reduce the moisture content of the veneer to meet the requirements, while reducing material loss.
2022/12/13 16:04
1. Operating system:The planed (rotary) veneer is fed from the feed port of the wind-jet roller type veneer dryer, and through the relative rotation of several pairs of upper and lower rollers inside the dryer, the planed and rotary-cut veneer is rotated in the predetermined direction. Front
2022/11/18 10:04
The 4 deck veneer dryer purchased by the Myanmar factory is used to dry rubber wood,and the customer feedback is very good,it is used with a biomass burner.The biomass burner acts as a heat source,providing high temperature to the dryer to ensure enough heat to effectively impact the wet veneer.At
2022/08/15 10:13