Many people don't know how to perform maintenance when using the dryer to better extend its service life. Today I will show you the daily maintenance of the veneer dryer.1. Clean the inside and outside of the dryer regularly to ensure good ventilation and smooth hot air flow.2. Check the
2024/02/27 10:10
Faced with rising labor costs, finding highly automated solutions has become a customer demand. Are you also looking for highly automated solutions? Shine's fully automatic intelligent drying production line adopts fully automatic control and frequency conversion control systems. It automatically
2024/02/22 11:06
Pine is considered one of the difficult woods to dry, primarily due to its woody structure and composition.1. Uneven density: The fibers of pine wood are relatively thin and soft, resulting in uneven density within the wood. This causes the wood to dry at an inconsistent rate and is prone to
2024/02/20 11:28
As the Spring Festival approaches, Shine Intelligent Dryer would like to send New Year blessings to everyone in advance and wish everyone a Happy New Year! In the new year, may you be happy and healthy, may everything go well, may you have abundant financial resources, may all your wishes come true
2024/02/02 08:53
As the main equipment for drying wood, the veneer dryer's drying speed will directly affect the quality and efficiency of drying veneers. Therefore, we must fully understand the factors that affect the drying speed in order to make it better. play a role.One of the main factors that affects the
2024/01/25 09:29
This 2 deck 56-meter-wide 3.75-meter-wide roller veneer dryer was purchased by our Thai customer. It has been produced and ready for shipment. It is equipped with our biomass burner to save fuel costs. We will be sent to you when it is installed. Engineers go to the customer's factory to guide the
2024/01/23 09:42
Veneer dryers generally need to make preparations before the official test run to ensure that the test run can proceed normally. The preparation work required before the test run mainly includes the following points:Warming furnace: The high-temperature-resistant material poured into the burner is
2024/01/18 09:20
With the gradual cancellation of natural drying, many bosses are inspecting veneer dryers. If you want to see the case site, you can contact us at any time. Many customer case sites in South Africa, Myanmar, Romania, Guangdong, Yunnan, etc. are waiting for you to see!
2024/01/16 10:14
Recently, customers have been coming to our factory to visit and inspect the veneer dryer, or go to the case site to see it in action. After the inspection, the customer was very satisfied. Some of the questions raised by the technicians were answered in detail. If you want to inspect the equipment
2024/01/11 09:54
Shine economical vertical dryer is a type of horizontal dryer and a drying equipment based on the principle of two-way conveying. The material is manually put into the upper grid plate of the dryer inlet from the head of the dryer. The material is evenly distributed on the grid plate and runs
2024/01/09 09:53
Shine veneer dryer mainly has the following features:1. The power of the whole machine is reduced by 30%The hot air fan and cold air fan of the veneer dryer adopt new axial flow fans, which not only fully guarantees the air volume required for drying, but also reduces the total installed power,
2024/01/04 13:33
The 2 deck roller veneer dryer is equipped with a 6-ton biomass burner, which produces more than 70 cubic meters per day. It is being installed in Russia.
2023/12/27 09:13