Thailand Customers Buy Veneer Dryer

2022/08/11 10:17

On March 11,2019,a Thai customer took a flight to visit the completion of our veneer dryer equipment.The company leaders accompanied the whole visit,and the customers communicated with the company leaders.Inquired in detail about the supporting equipment and technical parameters required for the production of the equipment,and had a full understanding of the company's equipment and affirmed it.Accompanied by the company leaders,the customer visited the forging workshop,production workshop,assembly workshop and processing workshop. Customers affirmed the strength of the company.

Customer visit

In the end,the two parties signed a contract for a 56-meter double-layer veneer dryer.The Thai customers were very satisfied with this trip,which will further deepen the cooperation between the two parties and provide greater benefits for both parties.Finally, the leaders of the two sides took a group photo.Shenghuai Dryer specializes in the production of veneer dryers,wood rotary cutters,wood shredders,and crushers.Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the company.