Roller Drying Machine for Veneer

Type: Veneer Roller Dryer

Working width: 3 m

Veneer thickness: 0.8-8 mm

Heating zone length: 32 m.

Drying capacity (m³/day): ·110-120

Water humidity in veneer: Fresh veneer up to approximately 0-15%.

Cost: 6-12$/m3 (labor+fuel+electricity)

Heat source: biomass burner (other options available)

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Product Details

Veneer roller dryer plant

Shine veneer drum dryer features high productivity, high energy efficiency, low drying cost and good drying effect. The productivity of this four-layer 36-meter veneer dryer can reach 4.6-5 m³ per hour. Comprehensively The cost is only 6-12 USD/m3. It can be dried to 0.8-8mm, and the minimum can be dried to 0%.

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veneer dryer

The veneer dryer consists of an inlet, a drying area, a cooling area and an outlet. The dryer size can be customized according to production capacity, process and space. (Both front and rear veneer feed as well as receiving veneer can be customized according to customer's needs)

veneer dryer

Heat exchange system and hot air circulation system

In the Shine heat exchanger, heat transfer occurs in stages, the characteristics of each section of the heat exchanger are different, and the hot air exchanges heat through the heat exchanger and distributes it evenly across the veneer. After drying, the veneer has uniform moisture content, smooth, without warping or waviness at the ends; no chips, surface in good condition for gluing.

Heat Exchange System

Automatic electrical control and frequency conversion system

The veneer dryer uses automatic electric control and frequency conversion system, which can automatically adjust the transmission speed and temperature according to the veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve the perfect drying effect.

Veneer Dryer Heat Source

  • Patented biomass burner

The biomass burner is a patented Shine product. It can burn all kinds of wood waste directly, which mainly reduces drying costs. Compared with veneer dryer with steam or heat transfer oil, the drying cost is greatly reduced.

biomass burner

  • Thermal oil

Thermal oil veneer dryer uses heat-conducting oil as the heat transfer medium to supply heat, with fast temperature rise speed, short humidity adjustment time, large circulating air flow, uniform drying, small humidity error and large output. Shine Heat thermal oil veneer dryer can achieve automatic temperature control, humidity control and automatic wind direction change, which can meet the drying requirements of various wood species.

  • Couple

In a steam dryer, the drying agent is heated by steam from the combustion of various types of fuel. In steam dryers, veneer dries under milder conditions than in gas dryers. The typical drying temperature inside steam dryers is around 160℃.

  • Natural gas

Natural gas heated veneer dryers are one of the traditional types of veneer dryers. The drying temperature is higher, which significantly reduces the drying time for veneer. It's clean energy, which means no air pollution problems. Can perform high-precision drying temperature control.

Fuel Cost Comparison

Dryer Product Parameters  for veneer

Model No.


Working width

3 m

Number of floors


Heating zone length

32 m

Cooling zone length 

4 m

Veneer thickness

0.6-8 mm 

Final humidity (%)

Fresh veneer up to approximately 10%

Heating material and drying 


Wood waste, 140-200 °C adjustable. There is an automatic temperature control and speed control system, which can guarantee stable moisture content.

Drying capacity (m³/h)

5 kbm  

Speed  submissions

5-22 m/min, chain 16A

Into the fan  hot air

Power: 8 kW (16pcs)

Traction motor

Power: 5.5 kW, frequency control (4pcs)

Into the fan  cold air

Power: 4 kW (4pcs)

Air intake fan

Power: 15 kW (2pcs)

10 Ton Biomass Burner

Power: 16.5 kW

general power

212.5 kW

Actual electricity consumption

About 170 kWh per hour 

Veneer Dryer Parts

Main frame material

international rectangular tube (50*100); square tube (50*50)

Side insulation board

galvanized steel sheet filled with aluminum silicate blanket

Upper insulation board

rock wool composite board

Air spray pipe

international galvanized rectangular pipe

Reducer (including motor)

power 7.5kw motor speed 1500r/min

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